Monday, November 8, 2010

Sad Task--Wonderful Insights

When parents pass away and you become the "older" generation, a very sad task is left to you.  You must go through the belongings, treasures, and "junk" that your parents have kept and saved for many years.   Last week, Gary, Larry, Linda, and I spent the week sorting the contents of Nan and Smython's house.  Being from the generation that endured the Great Depression, they never threw anything away!  I'm glad they didn't, because we wouldn't have the treasures we found and the glimpse into their lives before we were around.  Some of the things we found were letters from family and loved ones, pictures old and new, and her wonderful recipes! 

We want to use this blog to share with everyone copies of all the treasures we found so you can see how much each of you were cherished and loved.  When the pictures are posted, we would love to hear any stories you remember about who is in them and where they were taken.  Some pictures we can identify and some we can't, so your help would be appreciated.  We will be scanning pictures and documents and putting them on a website so you can print them if you would like a copy.  I will let you know what that web address is when we get it set up.  There are lots of pictures so this may take a while, please be patient and check back often for new posts.

This is going to be an exciting adventure and I am looking forward to hearing from you all!